Australia Travels - Blue Mountains Climbing

Photos by Dale Stuart

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Oz4_098_127-130 Oz4_099
The middle pinnacle of the Three Sisters is a classic climb in the Blue Mountains. We started at the bottom on this face, for the full 9 pitches.
The well-weathered sandstone provides lots of nice holds, and the climb is full of variety - with cracks, corners, arretes and faces. Needless to say, I'm loving all of it!
Oz4_101 Oz4_102
A few short hours later, and we're on top. With wind gusts hitting about 40 knots, I have to brace myself just to stand up! (Check out the angle on my chin strap!)
My guide, Russell Commins, first did this climb when he was 15, with minimal gear, leading his younger brother all the way to the top (in an adventure he shudders to remember! ).
On the top, what else is there to do but take an 8-image 300° panorama!
Oz4_116 Oz4_121
The observation platform (from which the first photo in this gallery was taken) is perched right on the edge of this cliff - a 5.12 climb if you're up to it!
The route down is a short rappel and a traverse to a bridge between two of the pinnacles.
Oz4_122 Oz4_124
Russell follows with a smile!
Remember the wind? It's funneling directly through this channel between the pinnacles, and is almost strong enough for me to balance at this angle!
Oz4_131 Oz4_133
The day isn't over, so we go to another spot for some more climbing.
We set up the ropes from the top, then descend for the action...
Oz4_136 Oz4_137
What comes down must go back up...! "Atomic Punk" was a nice face climb, rated about 5.10.
The top is always a sweet place to be!
The last light of the day catches the tip of the Middle Sister, showing where we'd been not long ago.
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