Australia Travels
Hiking and Climbing in Southeastern Australia
October 5-30, 1999

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Trip Description

Where I went, what I did (and maybe even why I did it!).

Australia Gallery 1: Sydney

A walk in Hyde Park, a cruise around Sydney Harbour, and a stroll through the Botanical Gardens give a first glimpse at some unique features in this amazing country.

Australia Gallery 2: Blue Mountains Hiking

A hike through deep, lush canyons below limestone bluffs reveals a hidden world of water-carved caves and caverns.

Australia Gallery 3: Jenolan Caves

Elaborate stalagtites, stalagmites, and heligtites (check these out!) adorn a maze of underground chambers.

Australia Gallery 4: Blue Mountains Climbing

Where there're cliffs, there's some climbing to be done! A classic 9-pitch climb up the Three-Sisters pinnacle starts the day, and gives a great panoramic view at the top.

Australia Gallery 5: Snowy Mountains Hiking

In some aptly named mountains, mother nature bombards me with hail, snow, sleet and rain while hiking the exposed Main Range up to Mt. Kosciuszko, Australia's highest mountain (2228 meters).

Australia Gallery 6: Mt. Arapiles Climbing

Climber's paradise - two full days of some of the best climbing I've ever done, and I'm one exhausted (but happy) camper!

Australia Gallery 7: Mt. Buffalo Hikimg

A hike around a park with scattered piles of spectacular mega-ton granite boulders gives the term "boulder-hopping" new meaning!

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