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Trip Description

Route and itinerary: Who, what, where and when -but the smiles easily answer why!

Women's Trans-Sierra Backpack: Gallery 1
Day 1 - Hike from South Lake to Bishop Lake

First day in the mountains, and we're already climbing to camp over 11,000 feet... yeah!

Women's Trans-Sierra Backpack: Gallery 2
Day 2 - Climb Mt. Agassiz, and continue across Dusy Basin

Margi and I couldn't resist a little excursion up a gorgeous 13,893' peak on our way over Bishop Pass. Our 3-hour climb up a class 3 face rewarded us with a breathtaking view of the North Palisades!

Women's Trans-Sierra Backpack: Gallery 3
Day 3 - Hike from Dusy Basin to Upper LeConte Canyon

Cascading waterfalls down long granite slopes made a stunning backdrop for our descent into LeConte Canyon.

Women's Trans-Sierra Backpack: Gallery 4
Day 4 (Layover) - Climb the Ridge on Black Giant

From camp at the base of the massive Black Giant northeast face, seven bold hikers set out for a day of scrambling on loose talus up Black Giant's back side. Lunch on the ridge at 13,000' near the summit was ample reward for the strenuous climb! The view over the edge of the sheer 1700' drop was not too shabby either!

Women's Trans-Sierra Backpack: Gallery 5
Day 5 - Hike from Upper LeConte Canyon to Evolution Lake

Continuing over Muir Pass to the north end of Evolution Lake through the Evolution Basin gave us new scenery with every turn, and views up the rugged back sides of Mt. Darwin and Mt. Mendel.

Women's Trans-Sierra Backpack: Gallery 6
Day 6 (Layover) - Cross Darwin Bench and climb Mt. Goethe

Another peak to climb! Margi and I once again charge off for another summit, and cross spectacular waterways and wildflower displays along the way in Darwin Bench, for one of the most memorable excursions in all my years of hiking!

Women's Trans-Sierra Backpack: Gallery 7
Days 7 & 8 - Hike from Evolution Lake to Florence Lake

We descend through Evolution Valley, back into forested terrain, and finish with a ferry ride across Florence Lake, complete with a couple of cold ones! (Henry Weinhart's Root Beers, that is!)

Women's Trans-Sierra Backpack: Gallery 8
Wildflowers Along the Way

My travel galleries are never complete without a collection of wildflowers close ups...